You may be looking to develop core strength, improve posture, get fit, lose weight, reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve mindfulness, lose belly fat, or get a flat stomach.  These benefits are all achievable with the help of East Anglia Pilates and Fitness.

Our aim is to bring fitness, body toning, balance and relaxation into your life; making it a natural and enjoyable part of your lifestyle.


Unlike many expensive health / sports clubs, leisure centres and gyms, we have no membership fees stretching your budget.  Our classes function on a workshop type ‘pay as you go’ basis, all within a friendly community environment.


You may be asking yourself “is there a local Pilates, Exercise or Hatha Yoga class near me.  One that is easy to join, with no expensive lengthy course (block booking) to sign up to and pay for in advance?”


Well relax.  We have Pilates, Exercise and Hatha Yoga classes which our experienced teachers can tailor to your individual needs within East Anglia


Whether you are a complete fitness novice, have some or even a great deal of keep fit knowledge; our exercise sessions are suitable for beginners, (including complete beginners – our classes may even be a new hobby idea for you!)  Intermediate and advanced students are also catered for in our classes.


Trust our dedicated instructors to help you learn new skills on your journey to improved body mind wellness and body conditioning.  You will find that after attending our classes regularly, not only will your physical wellbeing boost but regular attendance will also reduce your stress levels.


If you have mobility issues and have difficulty doing floor based work, don't let them be a barrier to an improved you.


At all of our classes our instructors are ready to help people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors 80+ and of course all of you over 40s and over 50s somewhere in the middle.


East Anglia Pilates and Fitness are always very pleased to welcome those whom wish to address mobility and strength reform.  Some clients have attended our Pilates sessions after appointments with a chiropractor or physiotherapist.  They have found that many of the Pilates workouts are similar to physiotherapy exercises and they have seen an improvement in their sciatica, bad backs, neck and back pain.


So find where you belong, be the best YOU possible and make positive improvements in our East Anglia Pilates and Fitness classes.  Bring some regular fitness, stability and positivity to your life. Experience the real benefits of East Anglia Pilates and Fitness for yourself.  Come and join us, a warm welcome is guaranteed!

All classes are suitable for all abilities, including complete beginners.

Only £5 per session

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